xo sauce (Hong Kong Sauce)

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XO Sauce (Hong Kong Sauce)

XO Sauce (Hong Kong Sauce)


150 grams fresh red chilis
250 grams dried scallops (conpoy)
150 grams garlic clove, minced
150 grams onion, finely diced
100 grams tiny dried shrimp (unshelled variety)
50 grams Jinhua ham (you can substitute Smithfield ham or proscuttio)
50 grams salted cured fish
25 grams large dried shrimp (shelled variety)
1/2 tbsp coarsely ground black pepper (mix with ground Szechuan peppercorn if desired)



Wash and remove the seeds and stems from the chilies. Heat wok on low and add oil for stir-frying. When oil is ready, add the chilies. Stir-fry until they are heated through.
Remove the chilies from the heat and drain. Dry in the sun until completely dried (about 2 – 3 days). Reconstitute conpoy (dried scallops) by soaking in water for 2-3 hours, then steaming for 3 hours until soft. Reserve the liquid accumulated as a result of steaming. When cooled, finely shred the conpoy by hand.
Soak the tiny shrimp in water for 3 hours. Drain the shrimp and mince finely.
Finely dice ham into 2mm cubes. Dice fish into 3mm cubes.
Heat wok on high heat and add up to 2 – 4 cups* oil for frying. Add garlic, onion, and tiny shrimp and fry until the mixture stops steaming? At that point add the chilies, ham, and fish, and continue to cook until chilies become translucent. Add the conpoy and shelled dried shrimp and ground black pepper and turn the heat down to low. Continue to cook until only a little steam rises from the mixture. Remove from the heat and cool. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
*1 bowl = approximately 1 cup. In this recipe I would recommend starting with a smaller amount of oil and increasing as desired for taste.