MayBlossom Wilkinson says Chock Chang Sun came from same village

Mayblossom Wilkinson related a story to me.

She said that Chang Ah Gett came to the US from China at the age of 14 with a group of chinese because he could read and write.  He was from a family of scholars that were stripped of their ‘title’.  Couldn’t make a living so he left.  He came from the same home town as Chock Sai Shee and my grandmother Gam Pang Chock (Goo Hok Chyun).   They were setup in marriage by Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s brother Son Hu  (Sun Mei in Honolulu?).  She also relates that my grandmother was presented to Dr. SUn Yat Sen as a possible bride since our families knew each other and were from the same village… but was eliminated.  

The interesting thing is that Sun Yat-sen’s village is Cuiheng 翠亨村    (now a part of Nanlang)   It is about 10 miles from Guhe or GooHok.(Chock Sai Shee’s village).  

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Chock’s (Cheuk) also come from Ngan hang or Yinkeng which is about 10 miles from CuiHeng.