Goon Tong Village 官塘村 History

Here are some history on Goon Tong or Kwun Tong Village  (Official Pond Village)


This is the Chock and Sai home village

Significant history:

1.  Dr. Sun Yat Sen’s first wife came from this town.

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  Kwun Tong is located in Zhuhai Tangjiawan town, because of its mountains (seven slopes) and the sea (Bay), there are seven stars on the potential, hence the saying “Seven ground.” After 1300 years ago, Tsai fishing village in this opening; a hundred years later, another Zhuoshi from Putian, Fujian moved to, because Cho’s second-generation ancestor as “strict concept of public”, whichever is homophonic, then named the “Seven places “as the Kwun Tong.

  Today, more than 2,400 villagers to Kwun Tong Zhuo, She surname based, but as a former small fishing village, “Dan Man” (also called “water wood”) is always like driftwood-like drift to, and if the tide receded So, Kwun Tong surname is particularly complex, the village’s “Family Names” on the stone, engraved in Kwun Tong live and work there are over 96 surnames.

  Ming and Qing dynasties population surge, due to population pressure, the Central Plains immigrants have migrated to the south, also fishing peasant villagers began Kwun Tong. Conversion mode of production has also brought cultural changes, more people began to settle and multiply in Kwun Tong, ancestral temples gradually beefing, clan culture had become the climate, such as “Cho’s big genealogy” is not only intact, but Continuation continued. On the concept of village office corridor, Kwun Tong, retired elementary school teacher 卓炳 right shows the three months he transcribed “Cho’s big genealogy ‘scroll, a total of more than 60 meters, amazing.

  Because adjacent to Macau, Kwun Tong have trend of the first early in the Qing Dynasty, many children of farmers on the new school, dispatches abroad, determined to industrial nation. Today’s official village has many built in the Early Republic of reinforced concrete structures bungalows, villas, built in the 1915’s rural councils, as well as residential wood blinds, several kilometers of Stone Street, is this class was learning there The epigenetic benefit Xiang Zi into a masterpiece. However, if asked how many Kwun Tong had a history of celebrity, the villagers would most likely include Sun Yat-sen’s first wife Lu Mu Chen, who will be mentioned a little insight famous modern bridge engineers, designers Zhuoguan Pei Guangzhou Haizhu Bridge.

  In the eighties, Kwun Tong, as was the party secretary of the village of hanging points, got a lot of benefits and support, such as the levy system when the land is zoned for “production and living space” in the village next to the village on discretionary much, Kwun Tong thereby adding to the potential for further development, has become the first town Tangjiawan billion village. Due to the direct benefit from the leadership’s concern, Kwun Tong cadres try to avoid total discredit the leadership of the face of things, including consciously get rid of “feudal superstition”, large and small shrine closed doors over the years, a few years ago spontaneously beefing village Patriarch (Hui Neng) Temple, cadres also secretly blocked. Zhuobing right to say, trying to “Zhuo’s big Genealogy” scroll fired tiles affixed to the wall, so that future generations the memory of their ancestors, brothers outside money is donated, but the village is not promised to show places.

  Kwun Tong Virgins Temple doorway couplet reads: “One path pines seasons Huayu, half booths coldest five nights of frost,” was beautiful, but why always with the bitter cold to kindness, warmth end not with earthly counterparts?


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The Guangdong Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname from Abas Lane

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    The Zhuo surname is a descendant of the late Warring States Chu family. Birthplace and early migratory limited to the Central Plains. Han Dynasty, especially after the Northern and Southern, Central Plains Zhuo family because of the war, career, constantly migration southward. In recent years around the finishing genealogy ancestors ancient migrations, largely to find the root cause. Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, etc. Most Zhuo surname, descendants of the early years of migration Fujian Zhuo surname. Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname is different from the the Zhuo surname Fujian lineage, the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname ancestors migration, with different historical backgrounds and ages, the route Henan Kaifeng – Zhejiang Zhuji – Nanxiong Abas Lane, – the Pearl River Delta (Guangzhou , Zhuhai), the Guangfu 族姓 southward with the Pearl River Delta, the majority of the Central Plains experienced the same.
    Originally, emphasis on ancient lineage genealogy, particularly as mayor. The Zhuhai officials Tong Village Zhuo surname is the Xihe prominent families, thousands of official Tong Estate Settlement population has emigrated overseas began in the seventeenth century, diaspora estimated Yu Wan. But the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname, since the Warring States after previous descent to the end of the Song describes, has no genetic. The existing Ming and Qing ancient genealogical records, this is because of the Southern Song Dynasty, avoid Bingxian books lost due to migration. Thus, cut the the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname from the Qin Dynasty to the descent of the Southern Song Dynasty records and movement history.
    Although the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Kwun Tong Zhuo family elite “ear in predecessors” – with the oral tradition of the elderly, rehabilitation genealogy. But to those “Shiyuan years submerged, not without missing slightly …”, “… I do not know a few World moved those who do not know a few people, the the name taboo World number Ke Deer details ……” (Note 1). Rebuilt genealogy can only be recorded after the end of the Song in the early Ming southward migration now Zhongshan Yongmo generations. “Bong (by: Kwun Tong, a generation ancestor father Zhuo Feng), Kaobi and on the generation ancestor Kaobi and the father of Kaobi of the branch, documented numerous check disorderly”, had “Que can also” (Note). Even these genealogies, and later rebuilt several times lost Yi. “Hing public across the river, carrying a spectrum century Zhao contained. Between Hong Cheng (: Ming Dynasty Chenghua, Hongzhi years ,1465-1505) in habitat Wu public lost Bingxian” (Note a). And “Xi was the orthodox yellow Kou Rebellion (by: 1448 Guangdong Huang Xiao Yang uprising), as I gray farmhouse flame, spectral Zhi Suiwang” (Note 1).
    Therefore, the Modern Kwun Tong Zhuo surname tribe only ancestors of mouth “by Abas Lane, moved to the vague concept of the source of the Patriarchs, the ancestors of the migration process, route and age, are not well understood.
    Recently, I have the opportunity to see volumes Zhuo surname Gupu, which included many Zhuo surname ancestors spectral sequence (early as to MingZhengDe, Kwun Tong VII Feasibility of bamboo at Baba 1509 written spectrum sequence). Peruse, I think: beginning descended from Zuzhuo Bong not Putian, Fujian Zhuo surname Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname, the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname is not from Putian, Fujian moved, but was removed from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang to Abas Lane, emigrated by Abas Lane, Zhuhai.
The existing Gupu Although not recorded in Kwun Tong, beginning Zuzhuo Bong before descent Directory, but spectral sequences, the of Kwun Tong Zhuo family history on account of migratory routes and migratory reason, it is very clear. So we go in search of the the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname sources today, the only reliable and very clear basis. Migratory era of the long time spans, in several resided ground presence multiply how many generations, and lineage List did not elaborate it. As long as our national development, migration in the history of social change, the change of dynasties and spectral sequence describes the control confirms, not hard Kwun Tong Zhuo family ancestors migration process, so they know the Kwun Tong Zhuo family sources. Below on this detail.
    Recently had the opportunity to see the scattered Gupu, including the transcript of the original copy of the recent transcript of 5 and 7. Indexed spectral sequence and description of a total of 10. 5 spectral sequence early migratory Kwun Tong Zhuo family briefly describes roughly the same content. Now choose a backing as explore.
    Kwun Tong Zhuo’s VII Feasibility of bamboo began repair progenitor Hing room spectrum Baba (1509) (the transcript of a copy of the Note a) a “another order”, which for some to clear account of: family background phase first Song Ju Henan Kaifeng Qi County, avoid gold difficult living in Zhuji County. Zhu avoid soldiers has also moved the Nanxiong sand into the water Abas Lane, the site of the housing market so far still the end of Song Yuan soldiers soldiers and civilians captured Kat Ganzhou, progenitor and involving wide everywhere so the tomb of today that the Department also home … since the early Hongwu this … concept family background since Song moved Guangdong, then in Qi in Zhuji, in Abas Lane, Home , I do not know a few world moved to those who do not know a few people … “. It can be seen, the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname and Abas Lane southward migration Guangfu surname family experience identical; originated from Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan around Zhuo surname. This article on Gupu a paragraph-by-paragraph control history to explore.
(1) “First Song ranks Henan Kaifeng Qi County
I have in “of Zhuo surname origins doubt test, according to the late Warring States to Qin unified a turbulent history, combined with the history contained Zhuo family name initial activities infer Zhuo family early migration resides Henan, rather than simply divided into Anhui, Sichuan two. (See section IV of this paper, three paragraphs) it now appears, of this inference Gupu sequence in Kwun Tong Zhuo place of surname ancestors in Kaifeng of this record is consistent and will not go into.
(2) “to avoid gold difficult living in Zhuji County
To the late Northern Song Dynasty, Song Dynasty steadily under the pressure of the northern invasion failed. Jingkang the first year (1126), Jin Jun breaking the seal, the following year the prisoners emblem, the Two Emperors. Song Shi southward migration, the establishment of the Southern Song Dynasty. This period triggered once the Central Plains to the south of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and even across the Nanling immigrants. Many surnames genealogy records today and the Pearl River Delta, the ancestors gradually the Chengxiang Nan migration of immigrants (Note 2) of this period. Gupu records Kwun Tong Zhuo’s ancestors difficult to avoid gold moved Zhuji (Zhejiang), is clearly consistent with this history, it is reasonable. Relocated Zhuji Northern Song Dynasty the last Jingkang (1126), clearly.
(3) “Avoid million soldiers to move the Nanxiong sand into the water, Abas Lane, the site of the housing market so far still exist.”
The the Yuan Dynasty predecessor of Mongolia in The Southern Song Duanping in the first year (1234) off the Golden State, the intensification of military operations of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Yuan army NaZheng war frequently. 1271 founding of the yuan. Gupu recorded in Kwun Tong Zhuo Ancestor refuge million soldiers southward migration Abas Lane, when this period of time. The relocated Abas Lane is not the passing, Gupu, essays sequence, Zhuo surname presence the Abas Lane “so far still the site of the housing market. Visible previous stays the Abas Lane. In this case, the same surname as the Pearl River Delta, many family Abas Lane, Yu Ling’s natural barrier the Nanxiong along the vast fertile ground, you can sacrifice the long corner. Again and southward migration due to war or other events generally have three to seven generations of residence interest-earning (Note 2). Kwun Tong Zhuo’s in Abas Lane, residence time, discussed in paragraph (6) points.
(4) “Late Song Yuan soldiers soldiers and civilians captured Kat Ganzhou, my father, involving wide everywhere so the tomb that the Department also.”
 History planted 1273-1278 years between two armies Song and Yuan Yu Lingnan North tug of war for seven years. Abas Lane by the scourge of war can imagine. In the meantime, in 1275, the Yuan army grams Jiangxi Zhu Jun, the same year to overcome Nanxiong. The This is Gupu documented historical facts million soldiers captured Kat Gan “. Kwun Tong Zhuo’s move out of the Abas Lane to reason and age of the Guang-cheng (by: Canton City refers to this in Guangzhou, other similar surname genealogy records, see Note 2). After, Kwun Tong Zhuo’s residence in Guangzhou there for some time (PRD other surname family resembles the case), so the tomb that its at one illustrates this everywhere ancestors repair spectrum year, Guangzhou Zhuo’s so tomb. Kwun Tong Zhuo’s residence in Guangzhou, how long can not be traced, but since the left so the tomb, I believe that the time is not short, and then migrated to the south Yongmo.
(5) “Yongmo living quite dramatically prosperous.” (Note 3)
Visible in Zhongshan Yongmo the time at least one or two generations of reproduction.
(6) “… since Hongwu early home today ……”
    Gupu this sentence refers sub Yongmo Zhuo Feng — Kwun Tong I Zuzhuo a wide moved Kwun Tong settle things.
    Directly above excerpt Abas Lane Gupu (1) to (6) above, with the historical control, you can clearly see, the Kwun Tong Zhuo family, Kaifeng (1126) – Zhuji moved in (before and after 1126) – ( close to 1271 period to move) – Guangzhou (about 1275 moved to) – Zhongshan Yongmo, during the lifetime of residence before Zhuo Feng (1386) – Zhuhai Kwun Tong (after 1386, that the early years of Hongwu move into) ” migratory process, Gupu, gave us a clear and complete account of. The experience of 200 years of migration process, you can use the historical corroboration of the nation, the state, and the Pearl River Delta immigration,, Gupu account of no doubt.
    In recent years, expert Abas Lane immigrants research has been quite in-depth, Zhuo surname is not seen in the literature. Abas Lane 157 immigrants surname Cho no surname. I would like to put forward the following two focus further research, for professional or interested parties.
1. Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname ancestors had residency the Abas Lane, but did not leave a record.
   Have argued above, Kwun Tong Zhuo’s left Zhuji southward migration of Abas Lane about in the early Yuan Dynasty about 1271, and that in 1275 and move out of the Southern Song Dynasty Abas Lane seen in Abas Lane residence, not a long time. Although Gupu writing the preface to the 1509 Zhuo surname PRD Guangfu immigrants Abas Lane is still “the housing field sites, but previously lived several generations of different in Abas Lane a. Year Abas Lane household management, and even migration “text cited. But Zhuo surname residence time is short, the number of households small population, stimulated the war-torn years, the Abas Lane did not leave the residence and migration records also reasonable. I believe this is a long time, the research literature, records of of Abas Lane migration surname Zhuo no surname reasons.
   2. The Kwun Tong Zhuo surname first Zuzhuo Feng was born in Guangdong. Before birth, Bong’s father, grandfather has already moved from Abas Lane Guangzhou – Zhongshan Yongmo.
Gupu documented the Kwun Tong ancestors was Zhuo Fengsheng in Gengshen year ($ Nobusuke seven) of Died Bingyin years (19 Hongwu years), ie 1320-1386 years. 1275 family above argument since the after Abas Lane southward migration of about 45 years before they were born. This is important, said Mingzhuo Bong born in Guangzhou (and then moved to Yongmo after), Zhuo Feng fathers, even grandfathers, has long vacate the Abas Lane to Guangzhou or Yongmo. If we look carefully read Gupu eight generation descendant of the preamble of the year, also revealed traces of it. The preface in Speaking after a Yongmo Dongshan Zhuo Feng tombs mentioned “the mailer Kaobi last generation ancestor Kaobi … Fun investigation disorder” (Bong’s parents, grandparents, no traced) This “Que can “Can not describing it (Note 3).
    1,2 above two points, in addition to prove from the migration routes of the migratory routes of the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname ancestors in Putian, Fujian Zhuo surname, the Kwun Tong began Zuzhuo Bong, not from Putian, Fujian. Also, from the migration years proved that a the the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname a Fujian Zhuo surname, along the different routes of movement during the same period. Putian, Fujian Zhuo surname, check a pulse, as early as in a time Yongxing (306) KWANG Ren Jinan prefect to Fujian, to Don Sadamoto thirteen years (797 years) spread XIII Zhuo hidden any Putian order to become Putian Zhuo surname ancestor. Multiply in Putian, continuous clear lineage List. Fujian Putian Zhuo surname rolling in Fujian in a millennium (306-1320). (1126 years ago) and the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname the ancestors Jingkang years still in Kaifeng, Henan, the Kwun Tong the beginning Zuzhuo Bong parent, grandparents around 1280 in Guangzhou – Zhongshan Yongmo,,, (Note: the the the Fujian Putian Zhuo surname ancestors moved to into Fujian the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname ancestors still in Kaifeng, after 300 years, the the Kwun Tong Zhuo surname ancestors began to migrate from Kaifeng, no path to residency to Fujian, removed to reach Zhuhai!) Obviously, the Kwun Tong Zhuo Feng a not one of the Fujian Putian Zhuo surname. At least a thousand years ago is just “one”.
Wish this for all the readers to pray for the correction. (November 28, 2008)
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Note Feasibility of bamboo, Kwun Tong VII Baba in MingZhengDe, (1509) began repair
Tongzhi (1871) rebuilt three-generation ancestor Hing Kwun Tong Zhuo surname offshoot (Dongguan) spectrum, the early Republican transcripts of Xinwei. Adduction VII, Feasibility of bamboo preface.
   Note II, “the Nanxiong Abas immigration history and culture” (Jinan University Press)
Note, Kwun Tong Zhuo’s seventeen generation descendant the Boshin years (1868) Continuation of the flood side room spectrum, which included eight generation descendant of the preface.
Note, Daoguang of Jiachen years (1844), Dongguan Zhuo’s Run remaining hall spectrum of transcript spectral sequence.

The Guangdong Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname from Abas Lane


The Guangdong Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname from Abas Lane

The Guangdong Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname from Abas Lane

The Guangdong Zhuhai Kwun Tong Zhuo surname from Abas Lane



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