Wong Loi Yu arrives to Hawaii between April & Oct 1883

Jean Wung Chang in her article in ‘Wung Sam Sing family of Kohala stated a few things.

1.  Kong See Yin, which I believe is Kong Tet Yin, went to Hong Kong to get a few wive’s for Chinese men including Wung Sam Sing.  Wong Loi Yu came back to Hawaii to marry him. and got married almost immediately upon her arrival.

Kong Tet Yin was coming back to Hawaii about the middle of 1883 as stated in this excerpt I found in ‘The Friend’. 

“Chinese Church in Kohala. — Active efforts are now being made to erect a Chinese Church and Parsonage in Kohala. A central and suitable site of land for this purpose has been donated by the Kohala Sugar Plantation. A generous sum has already been subscribed by the Foreigners, Natives and Chinese residing in the district. Still it is hoped that this will be further increased by gifts from friends of the work in Honolulu and elsewhere. The Chinese Preacher, Kong Tet Yin, who has been absent for some months in China, is now on the way returning to this port, with his family. The missionary work among the Chinese in Kohala and elsewhere is constantly gaining in importance. Further particulars in reference to the church, subscriptions, etc., will be given in our next issue.”

The Friend, Volume 40, Number 4, 2 April 1883 Edition 01

Kong was back in June as Rev. Bond states that he paid him 200 dollars in regards to the chinese church in another article July 1883.

The eldest child of Wung Sam Sing, En Kyau, was born June 8, 1884.

Wung Sam Sing looks to have immediately married Wong Loi Yu right after she arrived.  This timing looks right as I assume that Wong Loi Yu arrived mid year 1883 between April and Sept/Oct. 1883