Greenbank, Halawa, Kohala, Hawaii where Wung Sam Sing grew Taro

Jean Wung Chang writes in her article that Wung Sam Sing ‘took his bride to Greenbank’.  She was in error when she stated Waipio.  Greenbank is in Halawa, N. Kohala.

The estate was purchased by Dr. James Wight about 1860 where he built his homes, etc.

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Jean heard and stated that Wung Sam Sing was a taro farmer for a ‘number of years’ after his contract at the Sugar Plantation as well as number of years before he asked Kong Tet Yin to find him a wife.  Jean also assumed that Greenbank was owned by Father Bond and had worked for Father Bond’s Taro patches.  Greenbank was named by Dr. Wight and purchased in 1860.  So either Wung Sam Sing worked for Father Bond and then moved to Greenbank and worked these taro patches.  I could not find any info that relates Father Bond to Greenbank other than Father Bond and Dr. Wight were the few haoles living in Kohala at the time.