Goon Tang – My Paternal Grandmother’s ancestral Village in China.

My paternal grandmother  was Chock Pang.  Her father was Chock Hinn and Mother was Chock Sai Shee.

卓  chock   zhou(Madarin)

佘     se   she(mandarin

Looking at her tombstone,   Goon Tong is her village:  官塘村  Goon Tong   guan tang village

Here is the link on google maps to the village

It is next to Tangjiawanzhen.

I found pictures for the ancestral hall for Sai and Chock:

震山卓公祠   Chock Ancestral Hall in GoonTong






The Sai or Se Ancestral Hall is also in Goon Tong.  apparently  Chock Hinn and Sai Shee came from the same home village Goon Tong.

Sai and Chock have a big history inthis town.