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Local Wife elderly cancer village history essays 300,000 words

Time: 2014-03-07


Text / Wu Xiaoyun map / Zhu Xi   卓炳71-year-old is a native of Kwun Tong village right after he retired greatest wish is to write an official village history, but suffering from cancer in the preparation process, the strong old man did not give up in the hands of working, while treatment while compiling, later in 2012 the first edition of “official Village History” was published, he has to prepare a second edition. He said: “It was seriously ill, there are many fallacies in the second edition will be more complete.”   Nine Lives   history of the village could not leave unscripted sadness wash   treatment with perseverance side edge wrote   right before卓炳childhood living in Kwun Tong, retirement the Kwun Tong Primary School is the size of the eyes look red Huashan scenic, ears and listen to a variety of legendary old saying. After retiring in 2007, he wanted to write a history book about the village’s official. He inspection books, take the street channeling Lane, climbing wading, collect a lot of first-hand information, just as he started to write history of the village, check found suffering from “colorectal cancer.”   ”Cancer” for the fight against the elderly is huge, just a few days went from 113 pounds to 95 pounds of lean, dangerous situation in chemotherapy Shiyou, Nine Lives was alive. “It was hundreds of times vomiting, eyes dim, how perseverance pulling yourself” official Village Industry “this book is it?” Zhuobing right now think it is also incredible. The old man smiled and said:. “Estimated that the history of the village did not want to go unscripted”   perseverance perseverance   footer scribe dragging sick day Thousand   calloused fingers grind this still in   the rectal surgery卓炳done right in 2008, 2010 cancer spread to the lungs they did a surgery, and then a series of “painful chemotherapy.” It was the “official Village Industry” finalization period,卓炳right to race against time to speed up the work, dragging the ill footer, transcribe a thousand words a day. He said: “ballpoint have spent 30, grinding out the middle cocoon has not casual.”   ”Official Village Industry” from the original 300,000 word is concentrated to 200,000 words, detailed interpretation of the official village origins, heritage, resources, people etc., after the finalization of his history of the village and immediately involved in proofreading and corrections, then it is chemotherapy period, due to lack of energy, the history of this village regret: there 30 typos. So, each time giving the history of the village sent when Zhuobing rights are sorry to affix a “correct table.”   Live this life   of part-time service villagers repair the village monuments   sick advocating for village matters   now,卓炳rights body has not fully recovered, but he was more optimistic after a serious illness, “Life is too short, just do a little something meaningful only live this life. ” Zhuobing right now proceed to the “official Village Industry” published the second edition of the issues, but also “run” Jinding elderly associations, Kwun Tong elderly associations, primary and secondary schools Jinding retired faculty association.   ”I’m dead serious illness, life is more precious. Energy services for the old people, I am willing.” Zhuobing right Kwun Tong always loved his hometown, he also led the establishment of the official village heritage maintenance team, mobilize villagers and community donations, maintenance of the Temple and the Virgins Temple two six monuments, but also repair the village’s “addicted to old She Gongci” and “Zhen-Shan Zhuo Gongci.” To repair “church temple” running around, for the village the size of things, “advocating.”



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  村史没能脱稿 不舍撒手离开





  拖着病重之躯 每天抄写千字





  兼职服务村民 维修村中古迹




Thousands pay their respects


NEARLY 800,000 border crossings were made at Gongbei Checkpoint during the three-day Qing Ming Tomb-Sweeping holiday — 40,000 more than the same period last year.
Dozens of indigenous villagers, including descendants from overseas, offered sacrifices to their ancestors last Tuesday at Nazhou Village, prestigious art master Gu Yuan’s hometown, and Guantang Village in Tangjiawan Town.

Nazhou Village
In uniform costumes stating “Gu Yuan’s Home Village” on the back of each, the villagers carried 10 suckling pigs and other sacrifices having laid on a table in the Gu Ancestral Hall to pay homage to their ancestors at the graveyards, which had been cleared up days before. Some of the ancestral graves are 500 years old. Although the graves are dispersed in different hilltops, the sacrifices were carried to each grave for worship rites.
Some worshippers came from Costa Rica or Australia and other countries and regions. Gu Genhe, chairman of the Costa Rica Chinese-Overseas Federation, was one of them and a major propellant of the ancestral worship.
Gu Ancestral Hall has a history of 170 years. Ancestral worship resumed when the hall plaque was restored in June 2008 after having been suspended for nearly 60 years, according to Gu.
Tomb-Sweeping Day when villagers gather from all over is one of the best ways to inherit the tradition and to pass it down from generation to generation, Gu noted. “Although the details of the ancestral offering process cannot count, we have the responsibility of preserving the tradition and carrying it on,” he said.
Back at the ancestral hall, the villagers burned joss sticks for blessings and knelt down and bowed before the ancestral tablets led by the venerable aged. The offering ended with each household sharing the suckling pig meats.
The ancestral hall, graves and pedigree of the Gu clan have been restored. An ancestral hall renovation commission has also been established to urge villagers to make donations for renovation of the hall.

Guantang Village
Guantang Village, 700 years old with the largest population and the vastest area in Tangjiawan, saw the same ancestral worship process at the Zhuo Ancestral Hall.
In addition, The History of Guantang Village, a book revised for more than 10 years, had been published for the day.
It took townsman Zhuo Bingquan and local townspeople 15 years to compile the book. Every villager should know its history and source and thus should be proud of it and carry it on, which is the biggest respect to the ancestors, he noted.
The book casts light on the origin, evolution, folk customs, folktales and related information about the village. It is reportedly the second village history following The History of Tangjia Village revised in the 1980s.

– Zhuhai Daily

ChenDian history of the village, and a deep nostalgia, like “official Village Industry”

When the hand picked “official Village Industry” this book, ocean many hundreds of thousands of words and with as many as over 200 pages of color pictures history of the village, from the village of 700 years since the opening talk, serious research to gather in the village cultural traditions and customs, involving names, surnames, heritage, education, customs, resources, disasters, Chinese, war, anecdotes, anecdotes, from small to large, and from the pan into the deep, though Write a spare time meditation fine chemicals, But already addictive, praise the hardships pay off. As Zhuhai Hi-tech District Party Secretary Mr. Luo Xijiang the “order”: Let’s history as a mirror to sages is the norm, Passing the torch, to build a happy home! Zhuhai expect more local rural history available, Zhuhai, people expect to get more recognition!Zhuhai is my home, caring for you and me. Right to the editor卓炳teachers and members of the Editorial Board, Kwun Tong neighborhood, and the sessions are supported by the book release heartfelt tribute! ! !Special thanks to: often heard gift book.



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