Sang Ching: my Maternal Great GrandFather

In looking at Census, I found a 1910 Census that listed San Ching with

Wife:  Kong She Ching

Nee Keau was my Mother’s Mother  Alicia Ching Wung chinese name.

Uncle Frank was just born or wasn’t born yet.  Yuk San  must be Mable, Siu Yin doesn’t look like she is in the 1920 Census.  Fook must be Albert or uncle David.  I’ll have to check names.

My mother, Jean, said that her mother’s mother and sister had died in Kauai.  Her grandfather moved to Honolulu and remarried so Alicia had step sisters  younger than Frank.

His 2nd Wife and him had a daughter Ella who married a Fernandez.    Jean said that Sang’s 2nd wife had a sister that married Akona.  Sang Ching had an older brother whose descendants owned Haile’s Hawaiian Food.

San Ching was born on Kauai.  He had older brothers born in China.  Because he was born on Kauai.  He would be 2nd generation… which makes me 5th generation on this side.

If you really are picky, I should be 3rd generation as my father’s father, my paternal grandfather, was born in China.

Sang Ching Self Married Male 32 1878 Hawaii
Kong She Ching Wife Married Female 29 1881 China
Fook Ching Son Single Male 10 1900 Hawaii
Nee Keau Ching Daughter Single Female 8 1902 Hawaii
Yuk San Ching Daughter Single Female 6 1904 Hawaii
Siu Yin Ching Daughter Single Female 4 1906 Hawaii

Census details

First name(s) Sang
Last name Ching
Relationship Self
Marital status Married
Gender Male
Age 32
Birth year 1878
Birth place Hawaii
Race Asian
Spouse’s first name(s) Kong She
Spouse’s last name Ching
Spouse’s birth place China
Father’s first name(s)
Father’s last name
Father’s birth place China
Mother’s first name(s)
Mother’s last name
Mother’s birth place China
City/township Honolulu
County Honolulu
State Hawaii
Record set US Census 1910
Category Census, Land & Substitutes
Record collection Census
Collections from United States & Canada

USC-1910-005157749-00541 USC-1920-004969102-00930